Minnesotans don’t need Real ID license to board planes until October 2018
Minnesotans will have another year before they need a new driver’s license to get through airport security, thanks to an extension granted by the federal Department of Homeland Security.
The state will now have until Oct. 10, 2018, to comply with the federal Real ID law, which aims to tighten security standards around driver’s licenses and state-issued ID cards. The announcement comes a week after Minnesota was granted a much shorter “grace period” for real ID compliance, through January 2018.
Gov. Mark Dayton, who has urged federal officials to grant the longer extension, issued a statement confirming the update.
“All Minnesotans should be assured that they can continue to board commercial airplanes and access federal facilities with their existing driver’s licenses or birth certificates, as we work to fully implement Real ID and comply with federal requirements,” he said.