The enrollment link below will be used for Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC.  Your corporate ID number is BZC0851.

From this document your corporate travelers can instantly enroll in National’s Emerald Club program with the $50.00 fee waived. You will receive an Emerald Club number in just minutes and your Emerald Club card will arrive in the mail shortly. Once your information is verified, you can make reservations and enjoy Emerald club benefits.

Click Here to Enroll

The Emerald Club Aisle lets you bypass the counter and choose any vehicle on the Emerald Aisle by simply reserving a mid-size car. Because National is committed to bringing you the newest fleet in the industry, you can rest assured knowing that our Aisle will have the most up-to-date mid-size vehicles from which you can choose. Emerald Club Aisle Service is available at most major U.S. airport locations.

Current Emerald Club members can continue to use their Emerald Club number that is on file with National, but if you have changed companies, you need to call National with the new corporate ID number listed above. You can reach National Emerald Club at 800-962-7070 to update your information. You will also need to update your Personal Profile – Click Here to log in.

Thank you for taking the time to enroll or update your National Emerald Club membership.