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Welcome to Blue Ribbon Business Travel International. We are here to assist you with any of your business travel needs.


Contact Blue Ribbon Travel

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8am-5pm CT

Phone: 800-626-5309 / 952-835-2724

Fax: 952-835-9821

Email: [email protected]

After-Hours/Emergency Service Phone: 800-206-1485 (evenings/weekends/holidays)

Kristin Kelly, Jamie Nelson, Kari Mangan and Jackie Amacci are your assigned corporate and online support agents. However, our corporate agent team is cross-trained on RCRI policies and can assist.


Agent-Assisted Services

When traveling internationally, on a complex domestic trip, or at last minute with expensive airfare, it is recommended to contact the agent team to make your reservations. Blue Ribbon’s agent team utilizes resources that are not published or available through online booking systems that often equate to significant dollar savings.



As you book travel via Deem, your search results are guided by RCRI designated policies and your trip selections will sync to Blue Ribbon’s reservation system.   IMPORTANT:  If you experience troubles finding options or notice pricing discrepancies, please contact Blue Ribbon at the time of discovery.  Blue Ribbon’s online support team will troubleshoot and ultimately secure the lowest available price on your behalf.



RCRI employees can book air travel, reserve rental cars and make hotel and rail reservations – all from your desktop browser or smartphone.  Deem integrates with Blue Ribbon Travel’s reservation and profile system creating a seamless business travel booking platform.


How do I access Deem?

All RCRI travelers will be pre-registered for Deem. Once your user account has been created, you will receive a system generated activation email with a one-time link to set your password.

  1. When you receive your email from Deem, simply click the link to access the activation page.
  2. During activation, you will be prompted to create your own unique password for future site visits, accept privacy policies, and review/add basic travel preferences.
  3. Once activation is complete, Deem is now ready to serve! You can immediately start booking travel or take a moment to review and complete your travel profile.

Deem Tips and Tricks Guide

Deem Quick Start Guide

Deem User Guide


Please note:  If you are a NEW EMPLOYEE or have not received your Deem log in credentials, please contact Blue Ribbon’s online support team via email at [email protected].  Include your full name, email address, and business phone number.  A support agent will respond with during business hours.


Accessing Deem after the initial account activation process:

Open a web browser and navigate to rcri-brt.deem.com


Travel Profile Information

Travel profile data is now accessible to manage 24/7 via Deem.  Log into Deem, then click the “Settings” icon in the upper right side of the homepage.


Car Membership

National Enrollment

Hertz Enrollment



Vacation Desk

Lisa Harter and Denise Olzenak are the Vacation Specialists who can help with any of your personal travel needs.

[email protected]


About Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon Business Travel’s goal is to help you and RCRI reduce the cost and stress of travel.

Services we offer include (but are not limited to):

  • Integration with Deem online travel system
  • Dedicated agent team, for online travel support or agent assistance
  • 24/7 contact in case of travel emergency or change of plans during trip
  • Travel discounts and programs
    • Upfront and behind the scenes contracts negotiated for RCRI and employees
    • Ongoing hotel discount negotiations based on location frequency
  • Unused airline ticket credit management
  • Business travel policy management
  • Travel risk and security management


Reservations need to be booked through Blue Ribbon, either through the Deem system, or directly through an agent so RCRI can take full advantage of the business programs in place with various airlines, hotels and car rental companies as well as receive proper credit and maintain accurate reporting for contract negotiations.

We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.