Online Registration Procedures for Wipaire Inc.

Click Here. You will be taken to the “Avis Preferred Service page. Scroll to the bottom of the page, check the appropriate line and click “continue”.

  1. Avis Preferred Service Global Terms and Conditions page will be next, click “I Agree”.
  2. You are now at the “Personal Data” page. Please fill in all the information and click “continue”.
  3. You are now at the “Car Preferences” page. Please check your car and insurance preferences and click “continue”.
  4. You are now at the “Payment Info” page. This is where you will enter the parent company name – Wipaire Inc. and AWD L456722. Fill in the credit card information and click “continue”.
  5. Now you are at “My Avis” where you will fill in your Site Preferences and Password Info. Click “Complete Enrollment” and you will be given your Avis Wizard number and you will also be emailed a confirmation for enrolling. Please print the page with your wizard number until you receive your membership kit in the mail.
  6. Once you have registered online, click here to update your Blue Ribbon Travel Personal Profile. Please type in your name, Company Name and your new Avis Wizard number.

Thank you for taking the time to enroll in the Avis Preferred Service Program and updating your Blue Ribbon Travel profile.