Electronic Fee-Waived Enrollment for customers of Blue Ribbon Business Travel International, A Travel Leaders Associate!


1. If you are not already a Hertz Gold Member, then log on to join. The $60 Annual Enrollment Fee is waived.  Click on this link Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and you will be taken to the “Hertz Gold Plus Rewards” page in which you fill out your Company’s name, CDP and enter a Pin code.


Company Name – CPP Minneapolis

CDP Number – 1881340

Pin Code – hbrgold  

 2. Click Join.  Fill out all the information that is required.  You will need a credit card and driver’s license to complete the application.  Please note: The minimum age for enrollment in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program is 21 (exceptions apply).

3. The next page is the “Enrollment E-Consent”. After reviewing the information you will be asked to enter “I Accept” or “I Decline”.

4. Once the application is completed, press enter to continue.

5. You will be given a #1 Club number instantly which you can use in your next Hertz rental. Please print the enrollment information as well as the Hertz #1 Club Card.  (This is the only card you will receive.)

PLEASE NOTE: For your protection, the first rental using your #1 Club number will be a regular rental at the counter. You will be asked to verify the information received on the e-enrollment for accuracy. After this rental, Gold status will be added to your #1 Club number

6. Once you have registered online, click here to update your Blue Ribbon Travel Personal Profile by adding your #1 Gold number.