Imagine renting a car with no long lines, no unnecessary paperwork, and nothing to slow you down. Once you enroll, indicating your preferred car type, optional coverage’s and payment method, your rental information is stored in our database. Your paperwork will be waiting when you arrive.

Speed and Expedited Service – at over 40 of the world’s busiest airports, there’s no stopping at any counters. And, at over 1,000 locations around the world, simply go to the specially designated Gold counters, show your driver’s license, and pick-up your keys. And then there is Instant Return – a representative will process your return at your vehicle.

  1. If you are not already a Hertz Gold Member, then log on to join. Click on this link Hertz Club Gold and you will be taken to the “Hertz #1 Club Gold” page in which you fill out your company’s name, CDP and enter a promotional code.

Company Name – Culligan Water

CDP Number – 1927896 

Promotion Code – bapgold

  1. The next page is the “Enrollment E-Consent”. After reviewing the information you will be asked to enter “I consent” or “Decline”.
  2. If consent is provided, the Terms and Conditions of the Gold agreement will be listed for review or printing. Please enter “Continue” to be taken to the Gold Enrollment.
  3. You will need a credit card and driver’s license to complete the application…just follow the queues. Once the application is completed, press enter to continue.
  4. You will be given a #1 Club number instantly which you can use in your next Hertz rental. You can print this information off the website for use until you receive an actual #1 Gold card in the mail (with a copy of the terms and conditions) in four to six weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: For your protection, the first rental using your #1 Club number will be a regular rental at the counter. You will be asked to verify the information received on the e-enrollment for accuracy. After this rental, Gold status will be added to your #1 Club number.

  1. Once you have registered online, please logon to Deem and update your profile by adding your Hertz #1 Club number.