Deem is committed to creating an accessible and secure platform that enables an optimized customer experience. As Deem’s technology advances, some internet browsers are unable to provide the required functionality and user experience our travelers expect.

Microsoft plans to sunset all versions of Internet Explorer and stop upgrading the browser’s functionality. To maintain usability, Deem will no longer support any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer as of December 31, 2020.

At this time, users can access Deem on Internet Explorer, but will experience slow performance speed, lack of accessibility to new features, and security vulnerabilities. After December 31, 2020, Internet Explorer users will no longer have access to Deem. The recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge for optimal site experience.

Internet Explorer users will be presented with a pop-up window on the Trip Planner page. It will display a message announcing the upcoming change, with a link where users can switch their browser. Users will also have the option to close the pop-up window and continue booking their trip.

Starting January 1, 2021, Internet Explorer users will again be presented with the same pop-up window on the Trip Planner page. However, the user will not be able to continue or close the pop-up window. Users will need to exit out of the application and switch to a supported browser.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How will Internet Explorer users be impacted?
A. Deem is committed to innovation, when it comes to making our platform a seamless experience for all our customers. Although we will no longer support updates on Internet Explorer, we will not restrict users from accessing our site before December 31, 2020 (as long as the browser has cookies and JavaScript enabled). Users on Internet Explorer will not be directed to the latest hotel search experience and will not have access to the new Travel SafetyCheck features.  After December 31, 2020, Internet Explorer users will no longer have access to Deem. For optimal experience, we recommend using a browser from our supported browsers list.

Q. Can I prepare for this change ahead of December 31, 2020?
A. Yes, if there are computers managed by your IT department, such as employee computers or computer labs, these should be evaluated to ensure they have up-to-date browsers, and they are not using Internet Explorer as their default.
Q. Are any other browsers affected?
A. No, Internet Explorer is the only browser affected by this decision.
Q. Why isn’t Internet Explorer recommended?
A. Internet Explorer is an older technology that is not being updated by Microsoft, except for the most critical issues. Microsoft has stated that Internet Explorer should only be used for compatibility and should not be  a user’s main browser.  In addition to being responsible for many of the most exploitable security vulnerabilities, Internet Explorer has other major issues such as  demonstrable impacts on page load performance, and lack of support for the latest accessibility features.

I found a bug when using Deem on Internet Explorer, will it be fixed?
A. Critical Bugs related to Internet Explorer usage will not be fixed.
Q. Will extensions to this date be allowed?
A. No, we will not be extending the end of life date.
Q. What happens if I use Internet Explorer to access Deem after 12/31/2020?
A. After December 31, 2020, Internet Explorer users will no longer have access to Deem. Users will see a message suggesting the use of a different browser.

For more information please contact a Blue Ribbon Travel agent at [email protected]  or via phone at 800-626-5309.