Expense Tools

Blue Ribbon Business Travel has partnered with 3 online expense reporting tools! 

Simplify expense reporting for your business travelers. It’s never been easier for business travelers to complete and submit an expense report and quickly get reimbursed – all online.

These expense tools create expense reports automatically, pulling travel and expenses from airline, car and hotel itineraries, personal and corporate credit card transactions, checking accounts, and scanned receipts.  Streamline the expense reporting process and improve the review and approval flow between departments.

They turn lengthy, tedious paper-based approval processes into one-click, online approvals. Managers can easily review and approve expense reports from anywhere, at any time – no paperwork involved.


In fact, most expenses are pre-approved based on policy rules set in the system, and scanned receipts are included online making review and approvals faster and easier. Expense policy violations are clearly highlighted so managers can request corrections or simply remove questionable line-items and submit the expense report for reimbursement.

The expense systems convert transactions for international travelers into the appropriate currency based on the date of travel.
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