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Setting the New Standard in Corporate Travel

The corporate travel industry is badly in need of change. With mounting pressure to do more with less, forward‐thinking companies are turning to Blue Ribbon Business Travel partner Rearden Commerce™ for the next evolution of online travel management. Why?

Only Rearden Commerce delivers the ultimate win‐win. For travel managers, it’s an opportunity to control more spend and drive costs out of your travel program. For business travelers, it offers the ultimate convenience and productivity, which leads to a higher adoption. It’s travel. Redefined.


Everything in One Place

From a single solution, the Rearden Personal Assistant™ seamlessly integrates into your existing corporate environment. Your employees can procure everything they need for a business trip, without hop scotching between multiple websites. By finding the best deals quickly, your travelers will save time. And you will save money on all the services your travelers use, including airport parking, car service, dining, conferencing as a travel alternative, and business services such as package shipping. You also will benefit from ever‐increasing spend control as we continue to add new service categories.


Ultimate Convenience

Our usability breakthroughs make life easier for your travelers. The Rearden Personal Assistant knows your travelers’ preferences and company policies, and constantly works on their behalf to find, book, and manage all of the services they typically use. Travelers can replicate previously booked trips, reserve airport parking or car service, bookmark their favorite restaurants to quickly find and make reservations, and much more. Just like a seasoned executive assistant, it automatically inserts details into their calendars and proactively notifies them of schedule changes via phone, email, or text message.


To learn more about the Rearden Commerce Solution please visit our demo web page!

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Just another reason Blue Ribbon Business Travel, American Express is the right choice for your Travel Management needs.


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