Here’s what our customers are saying about us:

Phil J.

Lisa-As I have said, "We'd be toast if it wasn't for you, and once again makes us so happy that you are willing to work with us and how Blue Ribbon is an integral part--okay, overwhelmingly integral part -- of our travel!

Amy M.

Wanted to let you know I connected with Di yesterday and again today, for more travel, and she is AWESOME! Proactively looking for the best rate across airlines, recommended for our traveler to sign up for the Hilton Honors program, since that traveler always stay at the same property.  And she is so fast! I asked for flight options this am and she had them back in my inbox before I sent my next email! And, she just confirmed an airport for another traveler (who I have flying out of Reno) because their address on their profile is San Diego. She is ON it. And I appreciate it so much. 

I'm so, so happy to be working with a stellar team once again! 

Cristy S.


I have to tell you again how wonderful your staff is.  I had some questions/changes I needed to make for my executive who is already on the road and Kristin offered me the most cost effective way to make it happen. Before I could call her this morning, she was on the phone confirming I wanted to move forward with my plan.  Yesterday she helped me with some executive travel profile issues and added a new user for us.  Love the one stop shop!

Thank you for what you do and for the team you have assembled.  You are all great business partners.

Best regards,

Eric S

I have worked with Jamie for years to schedule travel for work. I have also had her help me with personal travel because she has always been great and a joy to work with.

Jamie went way above and beyond typical assistance to get me home to Minneapolis from NYC after having a flight cancelled mid-afternoon ahead of a flight out of Newark that night. The moment I found this out, she was able to find me a new flight at a different airport (I think the last one available with open seats) and get me confirmed while I was in the cab to the airport so that all I had to do was get through security. Her timing was critical as a high number of flight were cancelled out of New York that day due to weather. Making it back to Minneapolis that night was incredibly important to me as I had important things scheduled early the next day at work and also was planning to leave town in the late afternoon (all of which would have been negatively impacted if I had spent the night in NYC).

I am sure that Jamie does this type of thing often for other Blue Ribbon clients but I wanted to let you my experience.

MIchael W.

I tell you what, Kari, one of your gals, has been a life saver for our company. You may not realize it, but you personally handling just my last-minute scheduling flurries has saved us millions in customer contracts. I truly appreciate the value you and your team provide to our company. It is very much appreciated!

Bill B.

5 star Thanks to Di for getting me home through the eye of the storm… When it all hits the fan, that’s when you really really appreciate the services of Blue Ribbon – The horror stories of stranded travelers has begun – the airline told me it would be 3 days before I could get on a flight… Di had me out the next morning and home by lunch. In a world of online options – it’s the personal touch and dedication to your clients when it counts that sets you apart!

Rick B.

Thanks Jamie.

Blue Ribbon Travel is so awesome.  Your service is incredible and a breath of fresh air.  You are leap years ahead of any other agency I’ve used !!!!

Thank you, Thank you, thank you !!

Meghan B.

I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge Lindsey from Blue Ribbon Travel. She went above and beyond this week helping me book hotel accommodations and providing excellent customer service.  Every time I’ve worked with Lindsey, she is awesome and friendly. It really saves us a lot of time having people like that to help on these projects.

Meghan M.

Jackie! You’re a hero!!!

I can’t believe that yesterday I was in trouble and today I have options!!!

I want to come find you and high five until our hands are sore! You are truly unbelievable. Thank you, thank you (emoji gallery of happiness)

Bob G.


You are a crisis managers dream!  Always a plan B.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

Dana G.


I want you to know how much I appreciate Kristin. She has been a pleasure to work with for me and my faculty that travel. Today, I contacted Kristin to request her assistance for an upgrade to 1st class because I had been assigned a center seat. Although the flight was overbooked, she was able to secure an aisle seat for me. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate working with someone as competent and pleasant as Kristin.


Beth C.


OK, I just can’t express how helpful you and your team has been so far!  Previously when I asked about a Delta program an agent from a previous agency told me the prior contact had to make the changes but he already left the company. When I asked if they could help me they said there wasn’t another way. You found a way.  There have been many other small (yet big) instances where using Blue Ribbon made our jobs easier and I’m so grateful!

I forgot what it’s like to work with competent and customer service oriented people.

Our CEO, has also given high praises about Kari and her customer service for him. So a HUGE thank you to the team!

Rita D.

Hello Valerie and Joleen:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know about the consistent outstanding service that I’ve received from one of your employees, Di.  She is absolutely the best travel agent I have worked with – proactive in her approach and dedicated to keeping clients happy.  I was stranded on a trip last week due to the blizzard on the east coast and she went above and beyond to rebook my flights and made sure I got back to New York as quickly as possible. Di is a huge asset to your company and a great pleasure to work with on all fronts.

Sindy L.

One of my trips got extended and I just made one phone call to Blue Ribbon.  They took care of changing my flights, car rental, all without taking up any of my time.

Olivia T.

Blue Ribbon Travel handles my requests right away!  Other agencies may respond in days.  Our travelers are satisfied and our clients are extremely happy with the arrangements.  Blue Ribbon is a huge asset to our business!!

Jim P.

Other travel companies that I have worked with at previous employers are no where near the service levels that are delivered by Kari and the other agents at Blue Ribbon Travel.

Lisa J.

No matter how many changes we make or how complicated our requests are, the agents we deal with have always been patient and helpful.  They offer cost saving suggestions and have stayed late to assist us in emergency situations.

Rick A.

I feel like family when I call.  I recognize Karina’s voice in the morning and Michelle knows where I like to sit on every flight.  All I need to give is a destination and the rest is taken care of.

Scott K.

I have worked with other companies and I have never received the personal attention that I receive from Di!

Jackie S.


You are honestly a life saver for me.  You cannot possibly know how much time you save me.  Not sure why other companies don’t hire out.

Thanks for being the best!

Tom C.


You are running a great business.  I have worked with many different travel companies over my career and your people consistently perform.  They always do a great job and give me sound advice! Keep up the good work.

Dane A.

Hi Amy,

You were right about Lisa – she did a great job!  Between Lisa and Di, I’m starting to think that you may have cornered the market on great travel agent talent in the Twin Cities!

Thanks again,

David C.


I just want to take a moment and let you know what a great job Kari has done for me.  She has been very diligent and responsive.  She checked out all the options and worked hard to make sure I had the travel arrangements that I wanted. She answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable working with her and your firm. She is a great asset to your company.

Thanks again for a great job, Kari!!!

Kevin C.

Valerie and Amy-

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Michelle for the exceptional service she provides to our sales organization. On several occasions she has saved us hundreds of dollars in expenses, or somehow got my sales-team home when the odds were against them. We recently hired an individual from another company that questioned why we encouraged our sales team to use an agency instead of booking their own flight online, only to learn the value in using Michelle when stranded on AZ…I could go on and on, but hopefully you understand that her efforts and services are appreciated.

I always enjoy reading these from my customers and thought it was only fair to return gesture when justified.

Jim B.


Gina and I just wanted to send you a note and tell you what a fantastic job that Lisa did for us on our Ireland trip.  Her arrangements were great, the accommodations fantastic and suggestions for sight seeing were perfect.  Also, I want to compliment Kari on the great job she does for me on my business travel.  We are very happy with your agency and would recommend it to anyone.  Thanks

Cristy S.


I have to tell you again how wonderful your staff is.  I had some questions/changes I needed to make for my executive who is already on the road and Kristin offered me the most cost effective way to make it happen. Before I could call her this morning, she was on the phone confirming I wanted to move forward with my plan.  Yesterday she helped me with some executive travel profile issues and added a new user for us.  Love the one stop shop!

Thank you for what you do and for the team you have assembled.  You are all great business partners.

Best regards,

Phil J.


Thanks again for all your help!  It really is above and beyond and confirms again for me why Blue Ribbon makes a difference, day-in and day-out.

I don’t know if you had anything to do with this (I HIGHLY SUSPECT YOU DID!) but it appears we’re in first class for both legs to PVR today so thank you for that as well!

Hope you had a bit of a break from all the craziness I put you through.

Again a heartfelt thanks.

Rachel M.

Hi Valerie,
I work with Michelle quite a bit on booking all of my travel arrangements with my company and I asked her for your contact information.

I just wanted to let you know that she does an outstanding job.  I have never spoken with a travel agent before that has had such excellent customer service.  Nothing is ever a chore for her, she enjoys her work, and she is always upbeat, happy and positive.  You can hear her smile through the phone.  She is very professional, quick and always provides quality and prompt service.  I have worked with a number of different agencies via phone for travel arrangements, and she is by far the best I have ever worked with.  She goes above and beyond, and her quality of customer service and professionalism is exceptional.

She is a rare find, and I just wanted to let you know that she does an awesome job.  You’re lucky to have her.  Just thought you might like to know.

Dorothea M.

Awesome job, Chris!

All of you who work at Blue Ribbon should be congratulated on your efficiency, friendliness and capability. I thank you, Kari, and Kristin for all your help.

Diana B


Rick was very appreciative of the arrangements you made for his travel to Europe.  All of his flights were on time and he was very pleased with how smooth everything went for him and Gebhard.  As you know they had a full schedule that week, so having good travel arrangements did not go unnoticed.

As a matter of fact, Rick went on to say that his overall service provided by Blue Ribbon has been outstanding.

Thank you Di, it is reassuring to rely on your expertise when making travel arrangements for our executive team.

Shella H.


It looks great to me.  I cannot thank you enough for all your time and efforts on this.

Valerie and Amy:

Just wanted to let you know that this was a very tough reservation with innumerable changes and Joleen, although always outstanding, went way above and beyond outstanding on this.

Thanks for making my job so much easier.

Michelle L.

Hi Kari,

All of you at Blue Ribbon are awesome!  I’ve never worked with a better group of professionals.

Corine C.

Hi Valerie,

Just wanted to let you know that Michelle gets a Gold Star this week.  She saved me over $4000 in the last week. Thanks!

Cathy L.


I have to let you know that everyone at Blue Ribbon is always great to work with, but Jenna is AWESOME!  I had an agent I really liked at my prior agency, but now working with Jenna I realize there is no comparison in service.  Keep up the great work!

Kristi S.


Di did outstanding work this week.  We had numerous people traveling.  Schedules changed at the last minute so we went through a series of reschedules.  The next day the travel was no longer necessary, resulting in another series of last minute cancellations and changes for their returned flights. Di took care of everything flawlessly. She’s amazing and we’re fortunate to work with her.

Thank you,

Robin K.


Just as I hung up, I thought I should have thanked you for your professionalism and for always looking out for our best interests in following up to see if sharing Mike’s itinerary was okay.  It was just another example of how you go the extra mile for us and it is truly, truly appreciated!!  I don’t know what we’d do without you – you’re the best.

Thanks again,

Susan M.


Thanks so much! I appreciate your quick response. Blue Ribbon has been such a help to us all. It’s so nice to work with someone that always exceeds expectations. It’s rare, but you do it all the time, and cheerfully.