Why use a Travel Agent

For years, Topaz International has been debunking the myth, widely held by corporate travelers, that cheaper airfares are commonly available on the Web.  By examining airline supplier Web sites and popular public internet retailers – like Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity—against fares offered through a corporation travel management company, Topaz consistently shows that negotiated prices and agency fares by and large beat publicly published content.  Recent Topaz International client data shows that airfares booked through a corporate travel agency are lower than or equal to publicly available fares 92 percent of the time—a rate that has held steady since 2001.

Though the findings are similar from year to year, and from company to company, Topaz’s Internet audit remains one of the firm’s most popular resources for corporate travel professionals.  Topaz’s recognized status as an unbiased third party gives clients the reassurance of their fare performance, helps to embolden company policies and offers an invaluable check on the services provided by travel management companies.

Blue Ribbon Business Travel International, American Express consistently out performs not only consumer Web booking sites but traditional travel management companies by a significant margin.

We always strive to deliver the lowest fares to our clients.  Our counselors have been trained to go well beyond checking traditional agency resources.  They routinely scour the marketplace for little known fare options. We also work with companies that purchase in bulk in order to offer our clients significant savings off published fares.